Every day, more than 5 thousand students eat at our foundation's dormitories across Turkey. In addition, free food service is provided to 500 students every day in the cafeteria at our headquarters. The sacrifice shares you have donated are used in these meals.

We wait for your Qurbani donations and we wish you happy Eid al-Adha.

"Therefore to thy Lord turn in Prayer and Sacrifice."Surah Al-Kauthar, verse 2


Volunteering is an essential concept at the foundations. Foundations are the institutionalized form of volunteering. Foundations donate their services to the public through donations.

Voluntary donations are delivered both to the people who are needy and for those who work in the foundation. Ensar Foundation is a Non-governmental organization that prioritizes educational activities. In this context, we provide scholarships to the university students from various departments with donations from our volunteers.

In addition to the donations from our volunteers, free catering services (three kinds of food for each meal) are provided every day to high school students who study at different schools and meals are offered to university students at our foundation free of charge.

The continuity and permanence of these services depend on your donations. We are waiting for your Qurbani donations in order to raise qualified people and to continue our work. You may contribute to the growth of virtuous future generations by donating.


Why should I donate to Ensar Foundation?
Ensar Foundation has been established in 1979, It provides scholarships and offers dormitory services, as well as meal to university students in the foundation center and also provides catering services (three kinds of food for each meal) in 50 different Imam Hatip (Vocational Religious) Schools in Istanbul free of charge.
Do you accept Adaq Qurban donations on behalf of a person (wakalah)?
Yes, we accept Adaq Qurban donations including and excluding for Eid Al-Adha.
Under what circumstances Qurbans are sacrificed by your foundation and how are the meats of Qurbani are contributed?
Kurban şartlarına uygun olarak seçilen kurbanlıklar; Kesim tesislerinde, Vakıf görevlileri ve veteriner huzurunda İslami usullere göre kesilmekte, kurban etleri anlaşmalı buzhanelerde tutularak İmam Hatip Okullarına verdiğimiz yemeklerde değerlendirilmektedir.
Is it possible to be present at the moment while my Qurbani processing?
This is not possible because we prefer to make an agreement with the services at the countryside since the conditions are more appropriate for slaughtering. However, slaughtering Qurbans and announcing it on behalf of the person (wakalah) are published live in www.ensar.tv
Do you give information back to your donors about their Sacrificed Qurbani?
We send the information regarding their Qurbani donation either by phone or email.
Are there any payment deductions from Qurbani donations made from abroad?
If you prefer to make your donation transaction from the Turkish bank that the Foundation has an agreement in the country/region, you do not receive any extra transaction fee (Money Order / EFT). When donation transactions made through international banks, a certain amount of commission can be applied by intermediate international banks.
How can I contribute for a Qurban donations on behalf of a person (wakalah)?
You can inform your Qurbani donation by phone, e-post or come to the foundation center in person.
How are the sacrificing of Qurbans performed?
The sacrifices are performed in hygienic conditions in the presence of the foundation's staff in each slaughtering section, with veterinary supervision and applying religious practices. Sacrificed Qurban operations are carried out within the first three days of the Eid Al-Adha according to the prepared list of Qurban donors.
Is it possible to sacrifice my Qurban donation at the place that I prefer?
It is not possible to request the different place for a sacrificing since mandated Qurbans are accepted all together and agreement with slaughtering services are signed for all.
How are the sacrifice price is determined?
Sacrifice price is determined according to conditions at the market and meat prices.
Are contributed donations to your foundation deducted from the tax under legal limits?
Our Foundation has statues of public benefit foundation with the decision of the Council of Ministry of Turkey dated 16.08.2012 with the number of 2012/3582. In this context, the total amount of the donations with the provided receipt made to the foundations up to 5% of the institutional income of the year could be deducted according to corporate tax return statements for the foundations that are working for the public benefit and the institutions that are engaged in scientific research and activities for development
Qurban Share Price $ 370

Qurban Donation


Our sacrifice donation have come to an end and our online donation form has been closed. We thank all of our donors for their support  on behalf of our students.

Account Informations Regarding Qurban Donations
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